Simply beautiful memorial pages.

Your memories - well crafted

Combine photos, videos and playlists to create beautiful, clean memorial pages. Simple collaboration and privacy tools let you gather files from friends and family, and manage who can see your most important memories. Access your memorial pages on any device, with no app to download.

A Place Apart

Mementum puts a focus on your photos and videos, safe from the clutter, ads and unwanted comments of social media sites. Set up public pages, or create private pages and invite only those you choose.

Simple when you need it to be

Mementum is designed to make it easy to set up a page in minutes and keep adding to it easily as often as you like. All of your content will be automatically optimised so you don’t have to worry about formats and resizing.


Take the effort out of gathering digital memories by inviting friends and family to upload photos and videos directly to Mementum, while keeping full control of what gets published to your memorial pages.

Maintain the Legacy

Mementum makes it easy to add or update content, switch backgrounds, and change transitions without the work of re-exporting all of your content every time you make a change. A simple click is all it takes to refresh your pages, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the legacy of your loved ones over time.

Mementum is crafted with care by an award-winning design team with simplicity and your peace of mind at its heart, so you can focus on what matters: honoring the memory of your loved ones.

We’re still building Mementum so let us know how we can improve.

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If you’d like to try Mementum and create a memorial page let us know and you will receive an invitation to get started.

      The Mementum Story

      Over the past few years, we, and our families and friends, have felt the pain of losing people close to us. With each loss, we have found ourselves pulling together the digital traces — the photos, videos, and music — that help us remember those we’ve lost. It is that act of collecting and sharing those memories that led us to build Mementum.

      Initially we turned to existing solutions but each time we found limitations. Little things that we thought were minor annoyances turned out to be real issues that no one seemed to have solved. Just when we needed something to be easy it turned out to be difficult or frustrating.

      It was surprisingly hard to blend photos and videos into one smooth stream or to upload and manage large numbers of files. Getting all the files into formats that worked in all players was time consuming, and updating content wasn’t much easier. If we found a service that did one of those things well it just couldn’t cut it in other areas. And after many attempts we didn’t find any that kept it simple and made it all look good.

      We wanted a place apart from the noise, ads and chaos of social media sites, one that didn’t exclude people who weren’t on one platform or another and one that didn’t require an app to download. A place that could be used for an event and also as a permanent place online. Finally, if it could make it easier to gather photos and videos from friends and family that would be ideal.

      So we’re building Mementum, a simple way to maintain the digital legacy of those we’ve lost.

      It’s a small project built with big hearts and we hope it makes life a bit easier for you at a difficult time.

      The Mementum team.

      © 2024

      Request Access

      If you’d like to try Mementum let us know and we’ll send you an invitation.

      Request Access

      If you’d like to try Mementum let us know and we’ll send you an invitation.